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About Stefanie Young Brown

My name is Stefanie Young Brown and I’m the woman behind UpLIFTing Words.  You can read more about my life’s journey on My Story page, but I’d like to give you a glimpse into who I am and what I’m called to do.

I’m a 40-something Texas transplant, still bleeding Kentucky blue while living in the heart of Dallas.  I’m a married mom with one child (born 2003).  In addition, I care for my elderly mother who resides in a local rehabilitation care center.  I am a registered nurse by profession, but a wordsmith by call.

My Blog

I’ve blogged since 2010.  Although I’ve been blessed to guest post on several sites, my primary writing space is my blog, UpLIFTing Words, a site with a 3-point goal:

1.  Passion ~ I’m passionate about those who have been broken, are broken-hearted, have been abandoned and are lonely.  I write with those in mind, but am confident the message translates beyond.

2.  Purpose ~ The blog’s purpose is based on Isaiah 61:1-3:

  • Bring good news to the poor
  • Comfort the broken, broken-hearted, abandoned and lonely

3.  Plan ~ How my blog plans to carry out its purpose:

  • Proclaim the captives will be released and prisoners will be set free through the power of Jesus (Isaiah 61:1)
  • Tell those who mourn that the will be comforted (Isaiah 61:2)
  • Remind those looking for vengeance, vengeance is the Lords (Romans 12:19)
  • Announce the Lord will give a crown of beauty for ashes,  joy instead of mourning and praise instead of despair (Isaiah 61:3)
  • Assert they will become like oaks of righteousness (Isaiah 61:3)

My writing has elements of pop culture, everyday life in the Brown House, faith-based living, great reads and recommendations, questions to learn more about the reader, and what’s worked for me solutions when I’ve faced brokenness, being broken-hearted, dealing with abandonment and when I’ve been consumed with loneliness.

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