monday morning meditation :: a lesson in greater than, less than…

monday morning meditation :: a lesson in greater than, less than…

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If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. ~ James 1:5

Thinking back to elementary school, I’ve always struggled with greater than, less than.

I had a difficult time grasping which way the shark’s mouth supposed to point. Toward the greater?  Toward the lesser?

To help me, and maybe be you, here’s a great image from to help keep things straight:

greater than sign

Greater Than Symbol: BIG > small

 I honestly can’t pinpoint why the difficulty, I can only say it’s been ever-present for years.

When applying the concept ~ the greater than, lesser than concept ~ to everyday life, it gives us a visual which I find helpful as we journey.

Which is greater in our lives?

Which is lesser?

prayer > tele time or prayer < tele time

God’s word > personal opinion or God’s word < personal opinion

conversation with family > surfing the net or conversation with family < surfing the net

family time > overcommitments or family time < overcommitments

encouraging our spouse > pointing out flaws or encouraging our spouse < pointing our flaws

foolishness > wisdom or foolishness < wisdom

Which do you see as greater in your life?  Which is less than?

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, James tells us if we are lacking ~ living less than ~ we only need to ask for God’s intervention.

Father, I choose time with you over time watching (fill in the blank). Please, help me keep my commitment to this greater choice.

Father, I tend to be on the computer long after my family is home. I need and want to balance my time better.  Please help me do so and keep my commitment to this greater choice.

Father, we are so busy quality conversations mostly include which take out we are going to choose. Please help me to set the pace in my home, slowing down where necessary so we can live the greater live together.

Father, it seems all I do is tell my spouse what to do, what I need or point out weaknesses which frustrate me.  Please help me to offer words of encouragement and inspiration, choosing the greater in my marriage.

Father, I need wisdom to help me everyday choose the greater.

Father, help us choose what is greater, of more importance to our relationship with you, our relationship with our family and out home.

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Translation: NIV


  • Mary Redo

    What a great, graphic picture of the choices we make daily, thanks for that!

    • StefanieYoungBrown

      Thank you, Mary:)

  • Sharon Gramling

    Encouraging once again, Stefanie. Every time I ask God for a manifest encouragement, it seems He leads me to your blog post as one of the things He uses to that end. The richness of His word through you truly blesses my soul and I know by His Spirit you are sold-out to Him. I am really encouraged with that all by itself. God’s true faith in others is an encouraging thing. Amen. God bless you, Stef.

  • Mia

    Dear Stefanie
    This was a clever play of words!!! Thank you, I find it quite hard at times to let Pappa’s grace be > than my own efforts to be a good girl!
    Much love XX

  • OneBlessedLady

    I. Love. This. {Wait do I say that each time? Mmm, probably.}

    It’s so simple when you put it like that. So why does it feel so hard? Maybe because it’s dying to self? Lord, help me to choose the simpler and better way today.

  • Jane Graham

    Stefanie, I love how you connected this verse with the greater than/less than concept (one I always struggled with as a kid, too!) You never fail to bring my feet a little closer to the fire and challenge me in ways that I never saw coming from the *same verse*! This week I’ll be thinking each day: my computer or my family? My home or my phone?

    I love how God’s Word is ALIVE!! And I love that He gave us sisters in Christ to stretch us. Thank you, always, for your linkup!