30 Days of Thanksgiving :: Day 14 ~ WRECKED {the book}…

30 Days of Thanksgiving :: Day 14 ~ WRECKED {the book}

{1116} Being WRECKED changed me…

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Jeff Goins, Wrecked the book, Gratitude, 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp

For years I lived comfortably.

My home and car ~ comfortable.

My friendships, job and family ~ comfortable.

My ministry ~ comfortable.

Other than the occasional bump in the road, life was comfortable.

Then, I wrecked.  Better yet, life wrecked me.

My comfortable became uncomfortable really quick.

It shook me up, rattling me to the core.

It took me by surprise, like a sniper in the night.

I was completely caught off guard.

Even though I was caught off guard, thankfully, He wasn’t.

Even though I was caught off guard, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

In the midst of the overturn, my life splintered.

Thoughts of “What now?’ frequented my mind like a ticker tape.

Then, WRECKED: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goins crossed my screen.  I immediately ordered a copy.

As I opened to chapter 1, a connection was felt.

30 Days of Thanksgiving, Jeff Goins, Wrecked the book, Gratitude, 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp, Thankfulness, Chapter 1

The “What now?” had left me searching.

What would become of the carnage left, the carnage which had become my life?

To my surprise and HIS plan, out of the carnage came beauty.

Being WRECKED changed me.

Before wrecking, I primarily lived for myself.

After being wrecked, I began passionately seeking and serving HIM.

I can honestly say, it’s been worth the collision.

Jeff’s book, this WRECKED book, provided nuggets, beautifully golden nuggets, I’ve placed in my pouch.  These nuggets have helped propel me, secure my purpose and point me firmly toward my calling.

As I began reading, Jeff’s words echoed loud and clear, words in which I agree. He aptly states: “We sense we were made for a great purpose, some cause to make the world a better place.” (p. 27)  The world in which I lived was so small.  It revolved around me.  Yes, I reached out here and there, but I was my filter, not HIM.  My call, my cause failed to extended beyond a three-foot radius around me.  Now, it reaches farther than I could have ever imagined.

Living in “Me Land” left me void and empty, struggling to be filled.  Instead of turning to HIM, I turned elsewhere.  As Jeff says, “We sense this void, so we make up for it with performance: working late hours at the office, overcommitting to church programs, spending every waking moment on the Internet.  We read self-help books and try to overcompensate with activity.  We join community groups and Bible studies, subscribe to endless magazines and never read them.  We fall in love with romance novels or pornographic films ~ maybe both.  We strive and lust for a life well lived.  We long for what we can’t have and despair of ever finding it.” (pp. 43-44)  I did despair.  I just pushed it down and continued living life as usual.

Then, I was wrecked.

Being WRECKED changed me.

The pain of being wrecked is excruciating, but necessary.  Per Jeff, “You can’t grow without pain; you can’t find your life’s purpose if you aren’t willing to embrace discomfort and join others in their suffering.”  It is in the pain I found my purpose.  I finally found life wasn’t about me and it wrecked me. (p. 95)

After wrecking, commitment. “Commitment is a necessary part of becoming all that God has intended.” (p. 104).  Additionally, “if we want to understand the secret to living a good life — to loving people… — we have to be willing to do the unthinkable.  We have to get dirty.” (p. 122)  It is when we seek beyond our own satisfaction, when we serve others, we find the gratification we seek.  “We find ourselves truly enjoying life.” (p. 127)  And “life, I’m learning, is full of moments of discomfort.” (p. 145)

In closing, “being wrecked does not look the same for the rest of (our lives).  It changes with the seasons because each season in life has its own set of challenges and temptations.  (Our goal) is to face them with courage and humility…  Our life is not supposed to be about what we think will make for an interesting story.  It’s about pouring out the gifts we’ve been given for the benefit of others.” (p. 155)

Everything you do matters and makes a difference.

Are you ready to be WRECKED?

I give this read 5/5 stars.

About Jeff Goins:
JEFF GOINS was born in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. During a study abroad program in Spain, where his life was forever changed, he fell in love with travel. Jeff graduated from Illinois College with a B.A. in Spanish and Religion. He spent a year after college touring with a band, playing music all over North America and Taiwan. In 2006, he moved to Nashville, TN, where he now lives with his family. Jeff works for Adventures in Missions, an international non-profit organization. You can visit him online at
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  • Amy Tilson

    Reading Rich Stearns’ book, A Hole in Our Gospel, shattered my heart. The stories, the statistics and knowing I could do something changed me. I closed the book, went to World Vision’s site to find a child that looked like mine- nearly the same age and from the same part of the world- to sponsor. That’s when Jairo came into our lives.

    • Amy Tilson

      Of course, I already subscribe.

    • Amy Tilson

      Tweeted this, too.

  • Jennifer_StudioJRU

    Sounds like a wonderful book, Stefanie! I would say you heard my wrecked and life after story through my 31 days series. :)

  • Ms. Kathleen

    Only one time?! Ha! Oh, my — Let’s see. When I came to Christ I was a complete wreck… When I lost our little girl I was a wreck for a good year but the Lord picked me up and put me back together again. I think moving to SD was another time I became a complete wreck… Leaving all I’d known for 19 years. I think this is why I love the scripture, “As clay is in the potter’s hands, so are you in my hands” — Jer 18 I believe. Wonderful post Stefanie, have a wonderful day and thank you for the contest… FB, TW, GO – All the above :)

  • messymarriage

    I’ve wanted to get this book but haven’t so far. Your review gives me the nudge to get busy and order it! Thanks for giving us insight into a very important aspect of our walk with God. Thanks, Stefanie!

  • Becky Jones

    These words resonate so deeply within my heart…there have been four major “wrecks” that have caused me to change paths in life…the first was the loss of my third rattled me to the core..and the “well-intentioned advice” of believers around me caused me to hit the bottom {Thank you LORD, You were there at the bottom}…the second was my grandmother’s death-she was my closest friend and my ache was so deep {I came to see how rich and deep was my Comforter’s love}…the third was my husband’s accident when he broke his neck-I learned how to live life a moment at a time, to keep breathing and HOW I felt the everlasting Arms underneath me…and lastly, my dearest Mother’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis…at times{like today} I feel a little as tho’ my beloved world is crumbling to ashes around me- But, it is a vivid reminder that this is not our true home…it is safe in the Father’s presence where thieves cannot steal, where rust doesn’t destroy and where JOY will be FULL! Blessings Melanie..xo

  • Kelly Westlund

    This sounds like a book I really would like to read. My last couple years have been a wreck, actually. My divorce was final in April of this year. I have found, though, that I can step out in faith and trust…and God really does hold me in His hands! I have learned so much about myself and my God through all the things that go on with divorce. Never thought it would turn out the way it did, but I have grown so much closer to my God through it. (I am subscribed and I shared on Twitter. :) )

  • lindseyfoj

    Oh girl…my wrecked was like a ship wreck, train wreck, and plane wreck wrapped into one. I remember wondering if life would EVER be the same, would EVER be good again…and I felt like I had been living in a lie before. My dreams were shattered and the pieces were to small to even begin to put back together….

    But God….

    Now I see the world different, there is an ache inside that never goes away, and yet somehow, I know it is better. And THAT can only be a GOD-WRECKED miracle!

    Love you, friend!
    P.S. Great giveaway…I don’t have this book yet..but after your talk here…I would like to!

  • thekindlecrew

    My times of being wrecked are so small in comparison that I cant even consider them to be really wrecked! Subscribed!

  • ~ Felecia ~

    I’m still sifting through the aftermath but I have faith that God is leading me through and we’ll come out on the other end all bright and shiny new … okay I’ll never be shiny again (in this life) … but I will be bright and will wear my battle scars proudly and will have such a story to tell for God’s glory. I am subscribed through BlogLovin’ and will tweet out your magic in an instant.
    Blessings and love to you,

  • Wendy Claussen

    I became WRECKED when dementia slammed into Alzheimer’s. My father lives in a world of darkness (macular degeneration) with no memory (Alzheimer’s). He resides at the nursing home here in our little rural community. My mother recently took up permanent residency at the same nursing home. Her dementia causes her to have zero understanding of why my dad acts the way he does…wham. Her paranoia and her delusional thoughts have her out of control some days and I am in charge of making decisions. How much medication should she have? How much medication should my dad have? When should we have the next care conferences? How much should we sell their home for? What should we do with their personal belongings? The list goes on and on. In the beginning, I was filled with rage…at my parents, at my brother (he passed away 32 years ago), at God. I didn’t sign up for this! This was not a responsibility I wanted! Oh, how I love that God doesn’t give up on us!! Songs on the radio, blogs (like this one), Tweets, scriptures and devotionals, and tons of prayer, (and now hopefully Jeff’s book too) have helped me calm the storm in my heart. My content life was WRECKED but I’m slowly being made new (kind of like a car being at the body shop after hitting a deer on the road at night). I’m still in the body shop but I do see improvements, and I thank God every day for the small victories!! I’ve shared this on twitter for others who may need it as much as I do!

  • Laura @ Pruning Princesses

    Pretty sure I am in the middle of the wreck right now. It’s been years since I could think of my life as comfortable. Would love to be on the other side, saved from the wreck, and enjoying the quiet while I wait for the next wreck. I follow you on Twitter and will tweet this in a moment.