Compassion International: This Season Matters…

Compassion International: This Season Matters…

I love seasons.

I especially love Autumn, fall.

I adore leaves changing, falling.

I’m drawn to crisp mornings, dewy grass.

I relish earlier evenings, their coziness.

I cherish warmer clothes, longer pants.

I’m enamored with all things fall.

As we roll toward the season change, we roll with compassion in mind.

This season matters…

There are children in need, waiting for you.

They’re waiting for you to become a Compassion International sponsor.

They need food, shelter, education.

This season matters.

During this season, Compassion International is looking for 3,108 new sponsors, 3,108 children sponsored.

As of today, we have 1,515 children sponsored with 1,593 more to go.

Good job!

Another tool being used to spread the word, making others aware of the need is PINTEREST.

Please, follow my Compassion International Pinterest board.

On it you’ll find a picture of Enzo, our Compassion child.

If you’re already a Compassion sponsor and have a Pinterest board sharing your special child, share it below.

If you’re a new Compassion sponsor, but have yet to join the Pinterest movement, change that now.

If you’re considering becoming a Compassion sponsor, thank you.

Pray diligently, specifically, intentionally.

You’re needed.

This season maters.

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  • StefanieYoungBrown

    Welcome!! You can support other bloggers via encouraging and inspiring words. You can promote the blog month via twitter. And, if all things fall together before September, 30, you can choose a child to sponsor.
    Glad you’re on board!