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Nearly six months ago my husband and I were given an unexpected opportunity.  After the ministry direction of our senior pastor and his wife changed, we were asked to step into their very capable shoes.  Following much prayer, thought and conversation, we found ourselves saying “Yes” with perfect peace.  By faith, we stepped out agreeing to serve our local church body on an interim basis.

Once the transition took place, we sought to fulfill our commitment to the best of our ability and to His glory.  Because we love Him, ministry and serving others, we dove into our new role with great fervor.  Believing I’m called to minister to women, I immediately set out to build upon our existing women’s ministry.  I sought my Heavenly Father, asking Him which direction I should go.  More than anything, I wanted to make sure my way was His way ~ period.

In my quiet time, He kept whispering this into my ear: “My daughters need to build relationships with each other.”  The women I was called to serve seemed acquainted one with another, but longed for more.  My husband and I refer to this type of relationship as “living life together”.  His whisper coupled with my desire and experience, caused me to set out to offer vehicles with which to help women transition from “I’m familiar with her.” to “I know and live life with her.”

To clarify, our definition of “living life” with someone means you’re in their lives.  You’re interested in what happens to both them and their family.  You’re there when life is happy and closer when things aren’t.  You pray for them, encourage them, love them, speak good words into them, support them, help them, speak His word over them and lovingly be present.

After asking the Lord where to begin, He spoke specifically into my heart.  One of the two opportunities He directly spoke was having a women’s conference.  The conference would serve two main purposes:  give our ladies an opportunity to know each other better thus introducing the idea of living life together as well as allowing Him to pour out His Spirit over them and into them.

A planning team was assembled through HIS direction and the planning began.

We were blessed to see everything come to fruition May 3-5, 2012 with the 2012 Canyon Creek Baptist Church’s (CCBC) UnMasquerade Ball Ladies Conference.  We welcomed guest speaker, Lara G. Williams who represented our Heavenly Father beautifully.

The gifts continue…

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You humble me.  I stand in awe of you, your workmanship and your gifts.  I’m so undeserving, so unworthy.  Thank you for opening my eyes to see the beauty, variety and presence of your gifts.  Your love overwhelms me.  Your faithfulness settles me.  Your whisper brings peace.  Your sacrifice stumps me.  You’re simply amazing.

Please continue to lead, guide and direct me, your daughter and servant.


Today, I’m leaving comments open.  I long to hear, want to hear at least ONE way He has blessed you, gifted you.  Your words encourage all of us and praise the One who is most deserving!

  • Ro elliott

    i wrote today…I think woman are there to mainly cheer one another on…called to just speak words of encouragement…speak hope when hopeless…blessings as you step out and build a place for woman t connect~

  • Kelli Parker Becton

    sounds like a wonderful time- God has answered my prayers over the last couple of years and brought some very special friends into my life. I was standing alone in a community who doesn’t know my Jesus – and that’s where I’m supposed to be- but I was aching for the sisterhood of like-minded women who could ‘get me” I want to encourage others – but I needed to be fed as well & God has been so faithful in answering my request. :) it’s been awesome

  • Amber Hockett

    I have been blessed to have you and Dan in my life so long. I seriously would not be the person I am today without your love, compassion, encouragement, and guidance. You have stayed faithful to God, even when you could have easily turn your backs. You have shown us what it means to be a true follwer of Christ through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you for your example. Stay strong and keep your head up <3