May Madness ~ Celebrating the Gift of Motherhood Double Feature…

{Feature Two}

The Seeds of Motherhood

Prodigal. Christ follower. Worshipper.

These are words that describe the current condition of each of my three children. I remember the early years when the mothers in nursery would compare notes.  At what age did your daughter start to walk?  What were your sons first words?  How did your child do on their first day of school?  An unhealthy competition began, each mother believing their child to be in the lead.

We measure rites of passage in baby books.  Dedications, baptisms, prayers of salvation, first words, first day at school. But as the years pass on, we forget to document the really important dates; the first encounter with the Holy Spirit, the call into the ministry or the first day of college.

My eldest shows his love for me in the endearing way he calls me Mama.  My middle child honors me with his whole life, serving God and the Body of Christ with His gifts.  My girl, she brings me joy by worshipping our Savior with the voice of an angel.  And though everything has changed.  It is welcome.  For the alternative would be to stagnate growth, and stagnation stinks.

Advisor. Spectator. Friend.

My role has changed.  I am no longer Mother Hen, determining every detail in the lives of my children.  Rather, I advise them on the hard decisions.  I try to remain quiet in the small ones.  And most importantly, I relish the moments that I can see the hand of God directing them towards His highest good in their lives.

There were moments of panic, when my first thought was, “What now?  If I am not home schooling mother of three, who am I?”  But my Lord wouldn’t allow me to stay there for long.  He had bigger and better plans for me than I could have imagined.  As I grow into all that He has for me, I continue to teach my children.  I teach them with my life.  They can learn that although I gladly gave them the most energetic days of my life, that it wasn’t all about them.  It was all about Him and how I could best serve Him. And God loved them so much that they were His priority in my life for a season. Now He has continued His plans for me without skipping a beat.  I have a ministry position that I didn’t go looking for, but came looking for me.

Do you know who my biggest fans and cheerleaders are?  The ones whose snotty noses I’ve wiped.  The one whose baseball games I half froze through.  The one with whom I watched hours of homemade movies.  The one who I gave standing ovations to at her every performance.  And they convince me that it is true what Paul said, “Whatever a man sows, that also shall he reap.” For I reap far more than I have ever sown in watching them grow in grace, and in their confidence in me to do the same.


The wife of the friend she could not live without, and mother of the three most wonderful children in the world, kd sullivan is always searching for overlooked lessons in life. As a recently retired homeschool mom, she is busy trying to figure out, “What now?” Journey Towards Epiphany, kd’s spiritual journal blog, is where she regularly bares her soul.  She also has a second blog, What In The World R U Doing For Christ’s Sake?, which chronicles the stories of everyday people who are doing amazing things for the kingdom of God.  But perhaps her greatest joy is found working on her first YA historical fiction book.  She hopes to finish it sometime before her 80th birthday…She’s currently 44.


  • Shelly Miller

    You are so right Kim, we document all the stuff early on and miss the things that are markers for the future like when they accept Christ as their own. Lovely post my friend as I am in this same season of letting go, watchful and ready whenever they need their mama. It’s a good season and I’m grateful.

    • kdsullivan

       I am so glad to “see” you here and around again.  Blogging was not quite the same without you around!  It is a good season, because He tenderly loves us and has the best in mind for us.

  • DeanneMoore

    Kim—I  haven’t home schooled in years. I had to put my kids in school during a extended clinical depression. During that time all my identity markers went away. I then had to deal with others that weren’t so pretty. God has redeemed all that and given me a life I never dreamed—so good that I want to embrace it fully. Only problem, I really don’t know what to embrace :). I am a grandmother now and that is helping but still it a challenge that can seem quite overwhelming at times.  I am happy for you for not missing a beat. I pray I jump in when God shows me the next thing…

    • kdsullivan

       There were months in anticipation of God’s next thing, that I felt very unsettled and empty.  I know how you feel.  Actually, I could say that my future has been on my mind for a couple of years, just knowing that there was change ahead.  One thing that really helped me in the interrum, was to read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  It helped me to find the beauty in the every day while I was waiting on Him. Perhaps this is His plan?  To have you rest in Him and squeeze every ounce of beauty for each moment for a time.  I’ll e adding you to my prayer list, and would love to have you follow on FB or Twitter to keep in touch!!

  • messymarriage

    I’m always intrigued to hear other older mom stories. There are many things we share in common, kd. :) I’m also very excited for your next chapter–as your children venture out into the world with all that you’ve taught them and you venture out into the world to touch new lives for Christ!

    • kdsullivan

       It is so rewarding to see how they support and encourage me now.  :)

  • Laura Boggess

    What a sweet post, K. With two teenage boys under roof, sometimes I can get paralyzed with fear wondering about their future. I love hearing your mamma story…hoping one day I’ll be able to tell a similar one :)

    • kdsullivan

       I am certain that you will because His Word is effective and active, it never returns void!

  • linda gill

    An honest and open heart-bearing post.  For this one who is not a mother and will never be one except to several hundred school children over the years of teaching, I can feel the pain and the joy in Mama-stories.  It is a place I truly missed in life but know the Lord had and has other purposes for me.  I am glad I came by your “Journey…” tp be led here.  (I did not get my Soli Deo Gloria link up in time but did post tonight for this week @ Being Woven.  Caring through Christ, my friend, ~ linda