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Incourage in(RL) Meet Up

Last Saturday, something special happened.  Women from all around the world gathered together in homes for one purpose and one purpose only ~ build in real life [in(RL)] relationships with those in our immediate area as well as those in our online community.  Relationships build communities.  Communities build people. Communities encourage people.  Communities rescue people.  I’m one of the rescued.

To His glory, my community grows by the minute.  I commune with friends via Twitter (@stefanieybrown), Facebook (Stefanie Young Brown), phone calls, texts, blogging, over coffee, during lunch, at church, at school, at swim class, Allume, in(RL), well, you get the picture.  The community in which He’s given me has exceeded all my expectations.

What has this community given me?  Let’s see…

  • Unconditional acceptance…
  • Listening ears…
  • Sound advice…
  • Boundless encouragement…
  • Steadfast examples…

Captured moments from Saturday’s in(RL) event:

{671 ~ The Incourage Event}

{672 ~ The Beauty of Community}

{673 ~ Leaning what community is}

{674 ~ Enjoying a day at the “beach” with friends}

{675 ~ Beautiful decorations}

{676 ~ An amazing ministry}

{Mercy House Kenya Jewelry}

{Mercy House Kenya Coasters}

{677 ~ Messages in a Bottle ~ A Moment to Encourage Each Other}

{678 ~ Refreshing refreshments}

{679 ~ Reconnecting with a friend I haven’t seen in nearly a year}

{Christy from Devotion Mama won an Incourage Pre-Event Giveaway}

{680 ~ A beautiful friend who opened her home to help build community}

{Sweet Eryn from MamaHall beautifully hosted the in(RL) event.}

{681 ~ Old friends, new friends}

{Leigh from Funky Faith Girl, Christy from Devotion Mama and Jeanne from Spare Family}

{Andrea, Eryn from MamaHall and Yours Truly}

{Sarah, Eryn, Casey, Christy}

{682 ~ Beautiful moments with beautiful friends}

{Watching the in(RL) program}

{Watching the in(RL) program}

We spent an amazing day together sharing stories, discussing various Incourage topics, laughing and enjoying HIS presence.  Community ~ sisters building sisters.  That’s what we experienced yesterday and plan to build upon in the future.

Encouraging takeaways…

Even in those moments when it seems hard and you don’t want to do it anymore, it’s important to keep doing what the Lord’s called you to do.
– Jen, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

It’s impossible to be perfect and real at the same time.  Something has to give.
– Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama

The guards you put up end up being your own prison that keeps you alone.
– Ann, A Holy Experience

Relationships are so significant to my health and well being that it’s worth making efforts to make friends.
– Tsh, Simple Mom

It’s a picture of the body of Christ.  Each small part works together to create something magnificent that only God can sign His name on.
– Kristen, We are THAT Family

I think a lot of times, all of that production and all that we’re doing, I’ve discovered in my own life, it can become like idolatry — that I need to do all o f this, to produce all of this. When really, God wants relationship with me. To give Him the gift of my knees and time with Him is what He wants more than something I’ve produced.
– Ann, A Holy Experience

Some of my best friends live across the country from me, and I ache to put my arms around them, but I live in gratitude for the ones that live near me, hands that put on the blessings, that stir the soup, hands that draw cartoons that make me laugh, the ones who wipe my brow. You are all Jesus to me.
– Amber, The Run a Muck

Many parts; one body.
This is community.

Thank you, Incourage, for planning such a wonderful weekend.

I’m leaving comments open today. I want to know how YOUR in(RL) event went.  Please share…

  • Ms. Kathleen

    I so wish I could have participated. I was watching the grandangels this weekend plus our house was being showed (please pray it sells :) – This looks like so much fun. Have a wonderful and very blessed week :)

  • Jennifer Camp

    Hi Stefanie, what a beautiful today together. I loved that you shared it here.  I was able to watch most of the webcasts, but loved the community He brought to me and my family on Saturday, too.  {We had a service day, which was so much fun!}  Loved your photos and the precious insights.  Bless you!

  • tammy@if meadows speak

    Wow, Stephanie! You have so many pictures. It was like a big window into your Saturday community. And the “takeaways”? Why didn’t I think of that? LOL.  Very thoughtful post, and I’m encouraged by it. Ps. I was down the road in the Rockwall area.

  • alwaysalleluia

    Ooh Ooh!  How fun!  What a beautiful re-cap of your #inRL get together. Love seeing these beautiful images and your words about it. What a beautifully delightful community of women serving the Lord!! Blessings, sweet friend!

  • Janmary, N Ireland

    Wasn’t it wonderful.

    I loved how after our meetup was over in Ireland I could follow the fun in the twitter feed and instagram to see God continuing to work and move and connect.

    Now I am travelling through all the blog recaps, and reliving it again :)

  • Audra Christensen Silva

    It sounds like a wonderfully uplifting and encouraging time. :)

  • Deborah Boutwell

    As I was looking at your pictures I saw sunshine.  It was beautiful.  Looks like you had a wonderful time.  Next year I’m wanting to host a meetup at my house.

  • Stacey29lincoln

    What a lovely group of friends and sweet Mama Hall outdid herself on those decorations!  Love!  

  • Lisa-Jo Baker

    I’m looking at these posts again and can’t believe I didn’t leave a comment yet. Because these decorations are truly amazing!! SO much WOW! Love them so so much. Totally pinning this to the (in)courage (in)RL host ideas pin board. LUVERLY!! :)