My {Top Ten Tuesday} Favorite “I Blame Eve” Words of Wisdom…


“We can go crazy and fill up on a variety of substitutes, but we won’t feel full.  God is the only One who can offer us peace and joy and wholeness and a love that satiates the irrational hunger that seems to overwhelm us at times.” (pg 48)


“When we turn our back on our inner Pharisee and own up to our blindness and our inability to navigate this journey of life without him, Jesus doesn’t hold back.” (pg 152)


“He [God] really wants to see us get what he has promised.” (pg 112)


“Striving for perfection only leads to maintaining a cheap façade that quickly comes crashing down under the weight of reality.” (pg 93)


“Get over yourself.  He is God.  You aren’t.  Don’t mess around with the snake.  If you get close to God.  He will get close to you.  If you’re messing around, knock it off!  If you are saying one thing and doing another, cut it out!  If you’ve blown it, own it and confess.” (pg 144)


“It is important to invite God into the snaky conversations that take place in our minds and the niggling doubts that dig into our souls, because this is where the battle begins, sister.” (pg 35)


“As God’s Spirit moves in us, a funny thing happens.  We start to look like him.  We speak like him and act like him.  We laugh about the things that tickle him and weep over the things that break his heart.  Not because of anything we have done but because God’s Spirit is in us.” (pg 164)


“You don’t have to win him [God] over.” (pg 165)


“You can keep bending over backward to please yourself and fulfill your ideas of what you think other people expect from you.  Or you can give up.  Quit striving.  Stop trying to perfect yourself and turn to the One who made you.  Ask him what he thinks of you.  Who he thinks you should be.” (pg 94)


“We may be able to keep our mouths shut, but our lives will shout out the results of the choices we have made.” (pg 65)


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