UpLIFTing Weekly ~ The Power Of The Written {or typed} Word…

The written (or typed) word is powerful.  It has the potential to encourage, inspire, motivate, stimulate and provoke.  Coupled with HIS written word, its power and influence leaps into the supernatural realm.  The posts I’m blessed to feature today, made that leap.

Be blessed, friends…

My sweet friend, Heather from God Centered Mom began a series last week entitled “French Lesson #1: Parenting With Confidence.”  When I received this post in my email inbox, my eyes fixed on “French Lesson”.  I thought to myself, “I had not idea Heather knew French.  She’s so diverse.”  Then, while smiling to myself, amazed by the incredible talents of my beautiful friend, I caught the rest of the title ~ “Parenting With Confidence”.  I chuckled under my breath, scrolled down and began reading.

Like Heather, I’ve read a wide assortment of parenting books.  Over the years, my husband and I have incorporated varying thoughts, ideas, recommendations and suggestions into our parenting style.  Some have worked, others haven’t.  Heather’s post gives great encouragement to all of us who are doing the best we know how to parent the best we know how.  It’s a really good read.

I’ve been blessed to have been on several missions fields.  Although English is spoken and understood in most parts of the world, there are those places where the language barrier makes sharing the Gospel much more challenging.  A translator is needed and welcomed.

Similarly, when sharing the Gospel with unchurched friends, we tend to speak a language totally unfamiliar to them.  You know, we speak in a “church world” language using “churchy” words.  If we’re not careful, we’ll alienate more potential converts than we draw.  Kathy Howard’s Do Not Depart post masterfully gives us 1o Churchy Words We All Need To Know with accompanying scriptures.  She’s provided us a fabulous resource, one we can learn and reuse when given the opportunity to share HIM.

Eucharisteo… Grace, thanksgiving, joy.  Becoming aware.  Acknowledging graces.  Giving thanks.   All these are possible, even during the most uncomfortable, unlikely times.

Ann Voskamp spoke word into me in her post “Why it’s Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”.  Comfort and I have been friends for a long time.  We are well acquainted, well versed in the actions and activity of the other.  Comfort, however, keeps me from fully and intimately know HIM.  Comfort encourages me to stay in it, rather than HIM.  Comfort, although kind at times, fights for my attention and devotion.  To that, I say, “No longer!”

As Ann says: “We’re in Christ’s zone when we’re out of our comfort zone.”  Yes, Lord!  That’s where I want to be.  What about you, my friend!  I trust you’ll say the same, especially after reading HIS words through her.

I was 32 when I married.  That certainly wasn’t my plan, but it was obviously HIS.

I struggled for years, projecting the reason I remained unmarried had something to do with me, who I was and not his perfect and divine plan.  While waiting, I waited impatiently at times, waiting actively during others.  I became astute at answering questions, the all too familiar questions, “Why aren’t you married” and “Wonder why you aren’t married yet?”  Ouch!

What hurt even more was watching friends marry, one after another, standing beside them in my satin dress with flower bouquet.  Oh, I was happy for them, while filling with sadness on the inside.

Annie Downs shared a wonderful post at (in)courage this week:  “When A Comment Breaks Your Heart”.  For all my later in life single sisters, hop over and be encouraged.  For my married sisters, hop over and learn how to encouraged our single friends.  It’s a worth-while read.

I’ve walked behind them, through them and ahead of them.  They’ve caused me difficulty, pain, disappointment,  discouragement and DISCONTENTMENT.  I’ve walked alone and I’ve walked with HIM.  Needles to say, walking with HIM is the only way to go.

You may be asking yourself, “To what is she speaking?”  I’m speaking of trials.  My sweet friend, Lara, shared a post this week that addressed Learning Contentment through trials.  What nuggets! What encouragement!  Whether you in the midst, just coming out of or preparing to walk through, her words will inspire you.